Turkey Trot Tshirt designed by Miranda Williams

About the project

Drawing typography is my version of nervous doodling. It isn’t unusual for these doodling endeavors to morph into a sort of visual “brainstorming”. After being approached to produce a t-shirt design for the Turkey Trot in Deming, NM, I did a fair amount of nervous doodling. I didn’t have any ideas off of the top of my head for them, and the production deadline was tight.


Turkey Trot T-shirt Graphic Sketch Development Sketches


The road featured in the final solution creeped into my doodles fairly quickly, and felt both germane and playful. I started working it into a sketch of a turkey silhouette that had also developed during the sketching stage of development.


Turkey Trot T-shirt Graphic


I chose blue for the shirt color in hopes that is would match the blue skies and good weather on the day of the Turkey Trot race day.


2013 Turkey Trot T-shirt


As you can see below, it worked!


2013 Turkey Trot Participants


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