St. Clair Kid's Menu designed by Miranda Williams

About the project

The St. Clair Kid's Menu designed by Miranda Williams


This is perhaps the funnest project I have ever worked on. I was tasked with designing an appealing activity sheet that functionally integrated with a kid’s menu. I wanted the activities to remain accessible even after the food was brought out, so that after a kid was finished eating, they would have access to something to doodle on and entertain them while they waited for the adults to finish up. So, the format is based on a placemat.


A flat presentation of the St. Clair Kid's Menu


I wanted to gently educate children on the harvest process, using the activities as a guide. I created a character named Clair, who is based on the Winery owner’s daughter. Children are asked to help Clair find grapes, navigate through the vineyard, bring some color to a grape stomp, and identify the correct path to get to the wine barrel. And once they exhaust the activities above, the menu encourages them to set their imagination loose by turning the page over and drawing their own wine label.

All of the illustrations are original, and I drew custom typography for the menu title and drop caps.


Detail of custom-drawn typography featured on the St. Clair Kid's Menu

St. Clair Winery