Plum Loco packaging by Miranda Williams

About the project

Plum Loco–-a sweet, low-tannin, red wine–-is designed to be fun, playful, non-pretentious and approachable to target those who have not previously drank wine, particularly women. Over the years it has developed a loyal, cult-like following within the New Mexico market, but after a decade with the same label, it was decided that the brand needed a visual refresh in order to compete on a store shelf and appeal to its target audience. Since customers new to the wine aisle might not be familiar with varietals, the sweet character of the wine is emphasized instead, and a colorful, playful pattern utilizing a plum as a graphic element is used to reinforce the leading flavor in the wine. A tall, skinny label emphasizes the height of the bottle, and lends sophistication to the design. The result is a playful, eye-catching product that is upfront in communicating its character and content and approachable to where a new wine drinker won’t feel intimidated picking it up.



Award winning Plum Loco case designed by Miranda Williams
The case design takes a page from adult coloring books and utilizes a lush, detailed pattern featuring the plum and leaf motif that maintains the playful character of the brand, while also appearing elegant. The larger panels call out featured highlights of the wine in a bolder, graphic rendition of the pattern that is present on the bottle.
Plum Loco flat shipper design by Miranda Williams



The end panels of the shipper are made up of a tile that can be repeated to fill as large or small a space as we could ever need to. You can see the individual tile in the pattern below.

Plum Loco pattern designed by Miranda Williams



Plum Loco label designs by Miranda Williams

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