Mesilla Valley Dance Collective

About the project

Mesilla Valley Dance Collective is my passion project. They are a non-profit organization dedicated to creating performance and choreography opportunities for dancers who otherwise would not have any. They primarily perform original ballet, jazz, modern, and contemporary choreography at various community events in the Mesilla Valley of New Mexico, as well as produce an original, theatrical ballet production once a year. I was invited to join the collective in 2015, and have been dancing and designing for them ever since.

Branding Strategy

The goal in developing Mesilla Valley Dance Collective’s brand was to present the organization as, above all else, professional, but secondarily as fun, friendly, and approachable. The organization’s primary goals are to attract and educate potential members, engage fans and grow the Collective’s audience, and impress event organizers and venues that might be interested in hosting the Collective for a performance. There is a tertiary goal in development to solicit donations and sponsorships.
Mesilla Valley Dance Collective responsive website designed by Miranda Williams


The website was the first element utilizing the Collective’s new visual branding. Its development lead to the creation of social media pages, brochures, promotional items, videos and additional brand collateral.

Mesilla Valley Dance Collective Brochure designed by Miranda Williams

To achieve the goals of recruitment of members and acquisition of performance opportunities, a solid, well-established brand identity was necessary. The only piece of the branding that the Collective had upon my recruitment was a logo designed by fellow Collective member, Leslie Simpkins. From there I built a brand guide that would keep our brand presentation consistent.

Mesilla Valley Dance Collective brochure interior designed by Miranda Williams

Mesilla Valley Dance Collective