Live Music Poster Series designed by Miranda Williams

About the project

When St. Clair Winery started hosting live music on Friday nights, they needed posters to help get out the word as well as inform customers about specials and band lineups. Many of the bands have significant rapport with locals, and needed to be featured on the posters. It was decided it would be best to release a poster each month to not overwhelm community members with a long list of names and dates, as well as to accommodate scheduling changes that may arise from month to month.

St. Clair Winery Live Music Poster Series designed by Miranda Williams

The primary graphic relies on the concept of a corkscrew acting as a tuning peg on a guitar. To alleviate concerns that the posters could get “stale” and become easily ignored from month to month, I created a series of three corkscrews that could be changed out poster to poster. To create further visual variation, the background color is also changed each month.

The headstock of the guitar provides a container for organizing information about the events. A callout emphasizes that the event is free, and a banner winding around the neck promotes specials and a food menu.

St. Clair Winery