Danielle Commemorative Wine packaging by Miranda Williams

About the project


The Danielle commemorative wine brought home a bronze medal from the 2016 Tastings.com Packaging Competition


In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the creation of the D.H. Lescombes line of wines, St. Clair Winery sought to create a pair of limited edition wines. They are a tribute to the winery’s founder and his wife, Hervé and Danielle Lescombes (the letters behind the D and H of the brand and this wine set). Both wines were designed by St. Clair’s winemakers to be an embodiment of their respective namesake.

To give the two wines a distinct identity of their own, each of the wines were given to a different designer. Danielle was designed by Miranda Williams, and Hervé was designed by Daniel Gonzales. After the earliest drafts were refined, the two collaborated on how to visually unify the two.


For the bottle design, uniquely shaped bottles were chosen to reflect the one-of-a-kind character of St. Clair Winery’s founders. At the heart of each design is a custom monogram of the first initial of both Danielle and Hervé, designed to reflect their personalities. The two designs are united visually through intricate scroll work that is a strong feature in the design on both bottles, and share a band  emblazoned with the names behind the initials. The resulting designs are unique expressions of the individuals they represent, while at the same time, unmistakably belong together.


D.H. Lescombed D & H Commemorative Wines

Danielle commemorative wine, designed by Miranda Williams, shown with its companion wine, designed by Daniel Gonzales

St. Clair Winery