2016 Badass Mountain Music Festival

About the project

2016 Badass Mountain Music Festival shirt detail2016 marks the sixth year I have worked with the Badass Mountain Music Festival. One of the challenges designing for the same festival year after year is coming up with fresh ideas. A secondary issue is coming up with a fresh idea that will work well regardless of whether it is a full-color poster design, or a one-color screen print (the music festival is a non-profit, so keeping production costs low is an ever-present concern).

This was the first year I took something of a “mobile-first” approach to designing the festival graphics. Where I usually would begin designing the poster as the first element in the system, I instead began with the more restrictive, one-color shirt design. The result is a line-work heavy illustration utilizing trendy monoline design and colors.

Here you can see the initial monoline design. It translated beautifully to a screen printed graphic, with the crosshatch lines adding texture and dimension.


2016 Badass Mountain Music Festival shirt design by Miranda Williams


Here you can see the illustration formatted for a full-color poster. Although I wanted more color in the poster, I wanted to keep the design clean and focused. I limited the color palette to four colors and focused on bright, trendy colors like turquoise and magenta.

2016 Badass Mountain Music Festival Illustration by Miranda Williams

The compositional structure of the illustration provided a great container to organize the text objects within. The highest tier of the visual hierarchy flanks either side of the guitar neck, with secondary information finding a tidy home just outside of the illustration’s main margins.

2016 Badass Mountain Music Festival Poster designed by Miranda Williams

Badass Mountain Music Festival